• A Name is Born


    While sitting at a stop light thinking about the name we were using, Drop Zone, which came from our active skydiving at the time, I suddenly thought of Zone One. As soon as I said it, I knew it was the name I wanted for my band. It wouldn't be until several years later that I actually used it for a band name. Instead I used it for the name of my business.

  • Zone One Studios


    Zone One Studios was born from a brain storming session between Scott Keyser and myself. We were looking into anything we could to create a business involving music. Having dealt with trying to find rehearsal space in the Bay Area, we knew what a hassle it was. That started us thinking about what the ultimate rehearsal studio woudl look like.

  • Zone One, the Band


    After being frustrated with bands that showed promise but would eventually fall apart due to the differing goals of the members, Todd decided to build a band from the ground up. Todd put together a couple dozen original songs and then sought out a guitar player to work out the songs. Once they had them down, they started looking for a drummer and eventually a singer. By 1992, the band was complete with Ken Cook on guitar, Lorenz Cornelisen on drums, Peter St. John on vocals, and Todd Schacherl on bass.